Hair Care After Braids


When you have box braids in your hair, you don’t want to keep them in for a long period of time. Leaving the braids in for a long period of time can dry your natural hair out and may even cause breakage and you don’t want to damage your hair. If you are like me, I sweat a lot and I am very active, so due to the humidity and being hot, I have to take them out at around the 6-week mark. Yes, you can wash the braids but trust me, you will smell the moment when it’s time to get rid of them. Most braids will slide right out while taking them down, and some will have the tendency to stay in place until you get to the very root of the hair and decide to come out. When you are taking the hair down, don’t comb thru the hair while it’s dry. That is a natural hair no, no.

So, lets get started. After you have taken down the braids you want to deep condition your hair to regain its moisture. This method is known as the [highlight]baggy method[/highlight]. This is where you deep condition your hair for a couple of hours or you can let it condition overnight. The overnight method works best for me in my case. It makes the combing process much easier and you will tell the difference in the hairs texture and feel. Get you a spray bottle and mix in your tea tree oil, water, olive oil, castor oil and glycerin. Once you have all your ingredients in the spray bottle, shake it really good so that it is well mixed together and spray it all over your entire head. After you have your entire head moistened from the mixture of the spray bottle you will then add the wash out condition from [highlight]Pantene ProV Natural Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner[/highlight]. This washout conditioner will help you revive the hair. Your hair should now be well damped and moist.

Once you done the steps above and you feel as if your hair has come to a point that you are comfortable combing thru it, you will then section your hair in four parts. Put your hair in very large twist and roll your hair up nice and tight. If you need to secure the twist, you may also put a rubber band on the ends to keep it in place. Take you a plastic bag (Dollar Store,Wal-Mart bag will work just fine) and put it over you hair and make sure it is secure in the back so that it doesn’t come loose, you will also put on a head scarf or what ever you may use for comfort and protection of you hair just to make sure the bag doesn’t go anywhere, and sleep with it overnight. The scarf is just a reinforcement of keeping the bag in place.

The next morning you will wash your hair. You may do this in the shower of you may want to just use the sink method. [highlight]Use a large tooth comb and detangle the hair[/highlight] and make sure that you are getting all of the conditioner out of your hair.

After washing the hair, you may use more of the water and the oils from the spray bottle to moisturize the hair. You will use your normal hair drying method to dry and set your hair for your daily routine. This is the best method to use when caring for your hair after having braids.