Havana Mambo Twist


The Havana Mambo Twist are some of the most Gorgeous twist that you can wear in your hair. They are beautiful, convenient and very easy to install especially if you are installing them the Crochet way. For the Havana Mamba Twist you will need between 6-8 packs of the Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twist Hair depending on the size of your head. If you have a smaller head, you will need 6-8 packs of hair. If you have a bigger head, you will need 8 packs or more of hair. The Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twist Hair can price range anywhere from $8.99-$10.99 a pack depending on where you live.

Most of the beauty supply stores don’t have all the colors available to purchase such as red, blue and purple. But you can extend your variety of options by purchasing them online if that is your desired color option. However, most of them do have available the colors of 1B, 1,  2,  4 and 1B/33, 33 or 30.

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For this desired look, you will need the Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twist Hair, a Crochet Needle and Eco Styling Gel for the edges to help the edges stay layed down and neat. If you have short hair or your client has short hair, you will want to use braiding hair to help braid down the hair while doing the cornrow braids to help keep your braids in tact and they will help keep the hair from unraveling while you are getting your hair done. Watch the Havana Mambo Twist Crochet tutorial below by Ashley Desires to help you achieve this beautiful look, Enjoy…